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Car Steering Repair & Suspension Service

If you press the remote control for turning on the sports channel, and instead movies channel gets turned on, isn’t it irritating?

Similarly, if your vehicle doesn’t get your signal to move into the particular direction, even after moving the steering wheel, you are bound to get irritated. And so, you must get it inspected at the earliest, as it is not just the matter of comfort or speed, but also safety, as uncontrolled movements can result in collisions.

To provide you with the first-rate services for the steering and suspension systems of your car, our mechanics work diligently and acquire up-to-date information regarding the latest engineering trends. We check the systems thoroughly and resolve the problems efficiently so that you get the fantastic driving experience. Our technicians also check the shock absorbers, struts, brakes, tyres, and wheel alignment. If we feel the need to replace steering fluid or shock absorbers, we use the products of remarkable quality so as not to compromise with your vehicle’s value. We complete suspension upgrades if required.

Steering & Suspension

Improper wheel alignment is a giant risk to you and other people on the road, and hence we correct the misalignment and also give you tips on maintaining the tyres and wheels. We are well-acclaimed for steering repair and suspension service in Campbelltown.

Power Steering:

  • Steering racks
  • Steering pumps
  • Flow and pressure testing
  • Leak and belt checking
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